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Before the web there was print design and that is kind of where we all came from. Modern media design is a bit more challenging because of it's dynamic nature, yet when it works the best designs look simple and effortless.

Most modern sites are now based on a CMS. Companies want to manage their own site but they still want them to look good. That is why well constructed CSS are so important. Not only to control the continuity of the site but also to allow the site editors enough freedom to express themselves.

At bee2 we stick to a few core principles that make sure our sites always look good. It might sound odd but we always approach design with the end user in mind rather than the client. Digital design is an unsupported media so the public only look at your site because they like it (or you have some incredible offer!).

Usability; this is the other key factor that makes a site good. It doesn't matter how cool and trendy your new site is, if the users can't find the content they want.

If you want to work with bee2 but use your own designers this is fine. Just show us what you are planning on doing and we will let you realise your aims.

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Synergy Duplication

We re-designed the Synergy website and moved it onto an Umbraco based CMS. Back-end functionality was added for quoting and order tracking and their logo was given a tweak to bring it back up to date. Once the site completed we created a highly successful e-mail marketing campaign (images below) to drive traffic to their new site.

Berkshire based Synergy are a market leader in media duplication. Website: Synergy

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Hindleys Bakery

We have just completed this project in super quick time. The brief was to re-design the Hindleys Bakery website and supporting material and also to extend the functionality of the site itself whilst at the same time making it easier to manage. So what was the rush? Well it needed to be completed before they appeared on ITVs Britains Best Bakery.

Hindleys is a small family run bakery based in Lichfield that bake in a traditional way. They have several shops and other outlets in the Staffordshire area. Website: Hindleys
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