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Web development

Is your site still doing the business?

When your site was developed a few years ago you probably thought that was it? Unfortunately no! Over the past few years the way people access the internet has changed dramatically. Now days your customer could be viewing your site from a 50 inch HD TV or more likely from 4 inch smart-phone. So what you need to ask yourself is does our site work as well as it could on these devices?

Successful mobile content delivery requires you to address more than just display issues!

How do we build our sites?

Most of our sites are built using PHP using one of the popular frame works CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Yii, Symfony, Kohana. We can also build or midify sites created in Wordpress, Dupral or Joomla. If you require a site built in we can create this using the Umbraco frame work. The use of these frame works also means the CMS that our clients have access to have a familiar feel. Once your site or web application is completed then we can help you decided on what type of hosting you need and other considerations such as CDN.

So what else can we offer?

A swell as creating whole sites a lot of our work involves creating tools that extend the functionality of existing sites. The could be anything.

Surely this costs a lot?

Well this really depends on the scale of your project and the amount of traffic you expect. We work with more than one CMS and all the ones we use are open source. If we know know what your budget is and what you are trying to achieve we can put together a package to suit. If you are a big multi-national maybe you will need a system based on Umbraco or CodeIgniter but if you are SME you might be better with a system based on Joomla,Dupral or Wordpress with their endless lists of pre-developed extensions.

The most important thing to consider is we only charge you for what we actually do! If we can find an API, extension or plug-in that will add functionality to your site we will not pretend that we have spent hours creating it we will simply charge you for the cost of implementation.



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