Learning solutions

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Learning Solutions

Computer-based training

(CBT) gives the users the opportunity to progress at the pace that suits them and is ideal when you have large numbers of people to train and test. It can also be adaptive so the user is not forced to repeat subjects that they already understand. On-line, off-line or on your phone, the results can be collated to allow the administrator to view the progress of their user group. Another advantage of computer based learning is that new content can be added via updates and if required your own company can manage the content via a CMS.

The use of CBT is not restricted to the educational sector. Bespoke CBT systems can offer companies a better solution for staff training due to their flexibility and accessibility. On-line course-ware can be accessed via any browser based device. If required courses can also be SCORM compliant.

Performance tracking and bench-marking

We have recently completed This is a tracking and resource system for primary school children. It allows class and headteachers to track the progress of their pupils and offers resources to help with lesson planning. The system uses fluid grouping to sort pupils by ability for lessons allowing them to progress at their own rate. Within the system pupils can move between classes, years and even other schools that are opprating stepup4success. For the teachers, it creates lesson plans, formats reports, tracks progress and creates precision learning maps. Development of an integrated pre-school version is underway.


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