Application development

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Application development

What is application development? Well it could mean developing just about anything but it generally involves creating programs that make peoples jobs easier or just more fun. The majority of applications are based around manipulating data, So process generally goes like this:

01 A client approaches us with a task or a group of tasks they would like to automate by turning them into an application. In this instance lets say they are a pharmaceutical company and they want to track the outcome of a drug therapy across a group of patients managed by a group of doctors and they would like to share the out-come amongst the doctors and the company itself as part of a field trial.

02 We agree a technical specification for the project. This basically entails what areas the application will cover, how it will work, how it will be updated, what regions it will run in and what target platforms it will run on (Mac, Windows, mobile.....).

03 A flat version of the interface or GUI is now created. This is tested for usability before the application goes to the development stage.

04 Now the application is ready to be built. The database is constructed and any existing data is imported. Visualisations are added to the data to bring it to life. These could be any type of graph or graphical display. The tools for overlaying data are created as well as the security systems for the application users.

05 Once the client is happy with the application the installers are built and it goes off for user testing. Any bug are corrected and the application is distributed online on disc or however else the client wants.

This is not end as we all know. Not everything works all of the time and after an application has been in the field for sometime, things come up that you would like to add. These issues are solved by updates. So your application is a living thing. Like most things it has a life span and during that time it grows and develops.

In a nutshell this describes application development but all projects are different. Maybe you are looking for a game or a tool for calculating building materials. Whatever the requirement the fist stage is a simple chat.

 Smart-phone applications

These are called APPs because they are simply application but they run on mobile devices. We can create APPs specifically for mobile devices or create desktop applications and configure them to also work on mobile devices.

i-phone, Android or Windows we can develop hybrid or native APPs and we can help you get them published for distribution. Mobile APPs are great for putting your latest data at your customers fingertips. Or maybe you just want to create something wacky to promote company?

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